"I do all of my hiking free form. Like John Muir, I enter the wilderness with nothing more than my journal and a child-like sense of wonder. " - Nick Twisp, Youth in Revolt

I’ve considered hiking a tag-along activity for the past several years: No chance it’s my idea, but I’m always game when challenged to a difficult one. On a recent vacation to Tahoe, I was met with Mt. Rose. After 14 miles roundtrip and 5 hours on the mountain, I was “all natured out”. In spite of my general resistance to crampy calves and dusty shoelaces it was worth the spectacular sights. One day I will initiate such adventure, but for now I am a fine volunteer for kayak and paddle boarding excursions. Did I mention the mountain squirrels? Not exactly meek little creatures are they? I saw this one helping himself to some fellow hikers’ snacks.

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