The Paul R. Tregurth is the largest ship in all the Great Lakes.

At 1,013 feet it’s almost as long as a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier.

In layman’s terms – 3 football fields long and approximately 8 stories tall.

She hauls coal and iron ore.  Nonstop. 10 months out of the year. 63,000 tons of it at a time.

A few of us just spent 4 days on her documenting a trip from Duluth, Minnesota, to the Port of St. Clair (just north of Detroit).

We crossed Lake Superior. Went through the Soo Locks that divide Canada and the US. Traveled south across Lake Huron. And needled our way down the St. Claire River.

The captain granted us access to every square inch of the boat.

“Unbelievable” barely sums up the experience.