Rollerskating has been de-prioritized within our culture… which is a mistake. That rink you went to back in the day has not been renovated since you were about 8. And among the tiny bits of pizza, birthday cake, and spilled soda  embedded in that carpet there’re thousands of happy memories of kids that partied there. My first major “fashion outing” was a rollerskating party in 4th grade, for which I insisted my mother take me to Bloomingdale’s to buy an outfit. I got off the bus at school that day in black leggings with rhinestones up the side, a silver metallic top, and a black knit blazer. It was clear that I would be attending that party later.

Driving to work this past week, a roller rink caught my eye. It had been years since my last “free skate” but something about that giant, white, concrete building with the bold, spray painted name “Fast Forward” beckoned. And what may have started out as more of a skating play on words, had turned to irony - NOTHING about this place was future facing. At work I immediately enlisted the support of my designer, made a date for Wednesday, and off we went.


1. Unadulterated happiness? – check!

2. Run in with questionable carpet? – check!

3. Rented skates that have not had a tune up in 15 years? – check!

4. Almost got whiplash 40 times saving myself from wipeout? – check!

5. $3 for an amazing weeknight activity? – BONUS!

… now where are those rhinestone leggings?